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New Timor-Leste Government Sworn In

Xanana Gusmão was sworn in July 1 as Prime Minister of Timor-Leste. A leading politician since nation's independence struggle, Gusmão's opposition National Congress for Timorese Reconstruction (CNRT) was elected in a May landslide.
He was the nation's first President and previously served as Prime Minister. He pledged to reduce poverty with a strategic development plan and prioritize national reconciliation and unity.

Nigeria: Tinubu Sworn In as President

Bola Tinubu was sworn in May 30 as Nigeria's President. Elected in a three-way race, Tinubu won the Presidency, over complaints from his rivals, with about 37 percent of the popular vote. The is the lowest ever for an elected President in Nigeria.

Tinubu faces many challenges during his term, including insecurity throughout the country, a lagging economy, failed efforts to improve Nigeria's infrastructure, and an increasingly impatient electorate. While Nigeria has many elements necessary for success, efforts at improving living conditions often fall to the reality of a large population, a lack of governmental presence throughout the nation, and the bleeding of the nation's treasury by entrenched special interests who impose a "tax" on government funds through corruption.

Even while election disputes play out in the courts, all eyes with be on the new President to see whether he is up to the task of clearing the dead wood from Nigeria's polity and revitalizing its economy to provide opportunities for all its citizens.

Guinea-Bissau: Controversial Journalist Attacked

Controversial independent journalist Antonio Aly Silva was kidnapped and beaten on March 9, then dumped in an industrial zone in the capital Bissau. Motives are unclear, but Aly Silva blames the government for the attack.  Aly Silva is known for his access to all of Guinea-Bissau’s political society, but has been accused of trafficking in conspiracy theories in his reporting. 

Guyana: Venezuela Detains Guyanese Vessels

Two Guyanese fishing vessels, along with their crews, were detained by the Venezuelan Navy at Point Guiria, Venezuela.  The two vessels were said to be operating in Guyana’s EEZ when the Venezuelan vessel (Commandante Hugo Chavez GC 24) intercepted the vessels and forced them to Venezuelan waters.  This action follows a decree by President Maduro to create a “new Venezuelan maritime territory.”  

Ghana: Presidential Election on Dec. 7

Ghana’s Presidential election is imminent with the third face-off  between incumbent President Nana Addo Akufo-Addo of the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) and former president John Dramani Mahama, leader of the National Democratic Congress (NDC).  Although there are 12 other candidates, these two are the main contenders.  This is their third face-off with Mahama winning in 2012 and Akufo-Addo winning in 2016.
Results should be known by Dec. 10, and most observers favor the incumbent, but the margins are likely to be small.